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The thrilling event stems from a beheading on January 3. Looking back a few years later, there is no doubt that this day was the first turning point in 2020.


In the early hours of January 3, darkness fell over Baghdad International Airport. A private plane quietly arrived from Syria, surrounded by a line of greeters, a bearded man got into the car and prepared to leave.


A drone suddenly appeared above, firing a \"Hellfire\" missile that instantly blew two cars to pieces and sparked a blaze that killed many people. Searching for the wreckage, people found a dead man wearing a silver ring with a red gem on his ring finger.


The man finally confirmed that he was the supreme commander of the \"Al-Quds Brigade\" of Major General Sulemani, the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who had just arrived in Baghdad. Among the dead were Mohammedis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia People's Mobilization Organization, who came to meet him.


In Washington, D.C., the Pentagon later announced that the United States had carried out the attack and that President Trump had personally issued an order. Almost at the same time, Trump, who was on vacation at the Florida Hay Lake estate, posted a rare wordless tweet with just one American flag. In his silence, mr. trump is a master of opinion guidance.


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei personally presided over the national security conference for the first time in nearly 20 years. He declared that the country mourned for Sulaimani for three days.


But in iran, there is hatred for him. Because in the eyes of the Iranians, Sulaimani is a true legendary hero, even regarded as the third most powerful figure after the supreme leader and the president.


There have even been reports that the legendary Major-General's popular approval rating, even at one point surpassing the president's 65 percent, was also named one of the top 100 influencers by Time magazine in 2017.


He fought so hard that he was killed from the dead in the war between Iran and Iraq. The bitter war cost iran a million people, a large number of officers perished on the battlefield, but mr. sulaimani was promoted to the line of war for bravery. Since 1998, he has been the supreme commander of the al-Quds Brigade for 21 years until his death.


In Iran, the \"holy city\" refers specifically to Jerusalem under Israeli control. It is the spiritual pursuit of these Iranian soldiers to take Jerusalem back from the enemy.


Sulaimani, the top commander of the elite special forces, became one of Iran's most illustrious postwar generals and one of the most resourceful. After the United States overthrew Saddam Hussein, he quickly entered Iraq to fill the vacuum, allegedly masterminding anti-American guerrilla warfare. In Iraq, the United States killed a total of 4,000 soldiers, as stated above,603 said to have died at the hands of Sulaimani.


After Syria's civil war broke out, he went on to direct Syria in person, and the Al-Quds Brigade was the most effective force to defend Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's presence before Russia launched its forces in 2015.


It follows a 2006 war between israel and hezbollah. At first, as hezbollah retreated following a heavy israeli strike, mr. sulemani quickly headed to lebanon to direct hezbollah's aggressive attacks on israel, forcing it to achieve a cease-fire after heavy casualties.


Although many people have turned over old photos. In the photo, we can find that, just a few years ago, Sulaimani and the United States forces were close to each other and fought alongside each other against the Islamic State.


In Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Peng Peio declared that the killing of Sulaimani was necessary, ``nothing was too serious, the intelligence department made an assessment'' .


On january 3rd the u.s. embassy in iraq issued an emergency order: u.s. citizens should leave iraq by air route as far as possible, if not, by road to other countries. The meaning is very clear, must go quickly, if the fastest way cannot, any other way can, do not go too dangerous. The Embassy also specifically cautioned that all operations of the Embassy are closed and that no citizen should be near the Embassy. Embassy, it's more dangerous than anywhere. In the meantime, the Pentagon immediately ordered the 82nd Airborne Division to assemble rapidly and the 3,500 troops to deploy to the Middle East. Trump had ordered an immediate increase of 750 troops after the U.S. embassy in Iraq was besieged. The war seemed imminent. Pompeo also called German and other foreign ministers to brief and coordinate positions. On january 3, in beijing, a reporter asked: local time on the early morning of january 3, iran's islamist revolutionary guard \"al-qaeda brigade\" force commander sulai mani in iraq baghdad airport air strikes were killed. The US confirmed the attack. What is China's comment on this?


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang replied:'We are highly concerned about the incident. China always opposes the use of force in international relations and holds that all parties should earnestly abide by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the basic norms governing international relations. Iraq's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity should be respected and peace and stability in the Middle East and Gulf region preserved. We urge all parties concerned, especially the United States, to maintain calm and restraint and avoid further escalation of tensions.


Why did Trump suddenly approve the beheading? On the surface, it was in retaliation for the siege of the american embassy by iraqis, sending a stern warning to iran that the united states would not tolerate a second embassy hostage crisis, let alone repeat the tragedy in benghazi. On 11 September 2012, a group of militants suddenly besieged the Consulate General of the United States of Benghazi, where Stevens, the United States ambassador to Libya, had no way to escape and eventually died. It was also the first time in 33 years that U.S. ambassadors abroad have died in an armed attack that also became a major stain on Hillary Clinton's presidential election. But the assassination of Sulaimani is far more complicated than this, as seen in this beheading:


You know, as the media revealed, as early as 2014, israel almost launched an attack on mr. sulaimani, but was eventually halted by mr. obama because the consequences were too difficult to predict if the assassination was successful.


The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the US assassination of Suleimani as reckless and a crisis of peace and stability in the Middle East. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez warns that we cannot stand another war in the Gulf.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called \"the top priority for American leaders is to protect the lives and interests of Americans,\" but Trump's\" involvement in provocative and disproportionate actions \"puts the lives of American servicemen, diplomats and others further at risk.


So, on american social media,\" world war iii \"is on a hot search, watching the big, worried, and most pitiful, are the americans whose families in the middle east, the next few years, they will no doubt be living in fear.


Revenge is inevitable. So, the U. S. Embassy issued an emergency notice, the wind! All Americans, run as fast as you can. Americans are expected to be packing and evacuating.


There are always those who don't have time to run and don't rule out being the object of revenge. These scenes of bitter retaliation will soon spread on the Internet, stimulating the nerves of Americans.


3, retaliation, absolutely not limited to Iraq. Don't forget that the Al-Quds Brigade has broad influence in many Middle Eastern countries, where U.S. targets are undoubtedly on high alert.


4. Even though Iran's highest ranks are restrained, and even if the Al-Quds Brigade does not take the initiative, it does not rule out the practice of some militants in the Middle East to retaliate in anger.


5, after retaliating against American targets, the United States must be more violent anti-revenging, and then the explosion of conflict will continue, this is an asymmetrical war, blood flow into the river.


6. More likely, this will be followed by a low-intensity \"proxy\" war in a third country. Hizbollah, hamas, houthis, and so on, will not sit idly by, must prove to the united states, israel strength, a bloody storm ah.


7. The assassination will also subtly change Iran's political landscape. Iran's hardliners are tougher and less prone to compromise, and its successor top al-Quds commander will be more careful and less receptive to US targets.