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This statesman's famous saying reminds us that people live in the river of time to understand the present, to start with understanding the past, and the past will inevitably go to the future. However, a reef, a dangerous beach, and a flood may all be factors in the reversal of fate.


Where are the ordinary people who have become the protagonists of news because of an event, a person, or an accident? Are those who have been insulted and damaged redeemed? Have you found the answers floating in the wind?


Wei Zexi lies in his Xianyang home on April 11,2016, with a suspended oxygen cylinder holding his faint breath. At nightfall, he told his parents to turn off their hands and the family chatted for hours.


Three years later, Wei Zexi's will came true. The day before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019, the news that \"Wei Zexi's parents have regained a child through IVF surgery\" has spread all over the Internet, and the traumatized family has come to some relief.


But like the enduring regrets of the lost loved ones, those who are directly or indirectly involved in this storm are still enduring the pain and uneasiness of the stretch. They fear being forgotten and are trying to live.


Wei Zexi was buried in a cemetery in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province. Walking about 200 metres from the junction to the main entrance of the cemetery, a long, straight concrete road cut off the street.


Wei, who was born in 1994, was found to have synovial sarcoma at the age of 20. While seeking medical treatment, he had received biological immunotherapy (DC-CIK) at the second hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Force, which had no effect and missed the timing of the treatment and eventually died prematurely.


In the impression of his former classmates, Wei Zexi was a \"living for the future,\" dreaming of being admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States and entering Silicon Valley to become a\" great god \"in the field of computers.


At Wei Zexi's alma mater, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, every teaching building appears solemn and strict, carrying the steps of students with schoolbags in a hurry to enter and leave their respective laboratories. Wei Zexi's students went to school after graduation, and the counselors were transferred to other schools. The memory of him is fading.


\"The impression becomes vague. Wei Zexi's monitor Yang Xiaotian (alias) said. But he always remembered that the first time he saw Wei Zexi's situation, very kind, no strange feeling. At that time, Wei Zexi because of illness after a year after re-entry, Yang Xiaotian to help him go through the formalities. Mr. Wei told Mr. Yang that he was still writing about the data structure during his suspension.


Later in retrospect, Yang Xiaotian understood why Wei Zexi was so active and assiduous. Probably experienced a serious illness, he felt more valuable time, want to seize what is now.


The residential buildings line the right side of the road, and the old house of Wei Zexi's house is the deepest one. On February 18,1994, on the ninth day of the New Year, he was born here. Twenty-five years later, people in the neighborhood didn't remember the child's name much, but when it came to Wei Haiquan's nickname, they all remembered it.


She didn't know about Zesey's illness.\" Maybe that's after they moved.\" She also didn't know Wei Zexi had the news of his younger brother,\" Oh, well, that's great.\"


At the end of the year when he lost his only child, Wei's wife began to take traditional Chinese medicine to regulate her body. At the local gynecology and obstetrics hospital, no older woman could be found.


Before the first egg was taken, he gave his wife a nine-day needle and six a day. In order for the medicine to fully enter the body, they massage again and again, hot compress, hope all depends on this small follicle.


Wei Haiquan and his wife had to start a new round of pregnancy, a year later, finally to wait for a new life. Wei Haiquan said that this is God's visit to them, the newborn brought \"laughter and hope.\"


'The mother takes the picture of Wei Zexi out and turns it over almost every day... Tears streamed, she spoke to the photo's smiling Wei Zexi, while turning on the recording of his son's living cell phone and playing over and over the small segment of Wei Zexiguan's voice memo on the treatment plan. A daily character story reads.


Now, they're moving out of the family home. New check-in is a cluster of new community, community open space placed a few table tennis table, every weekend there are old people with children to come to practice ball, someone pushed stroller in the side of the onlookers, small talk, relaxed and comfortable look.


A month after wei zexi left, her mother received a phone call from a family of cancer patients, saying,\" you've got so much money. We don't have the money to see a doctor,\" he said on the phone.


\"For three and a half years, you were the first person to call me. \"37 years old Hebei Handan people Cui Peng (pseudonym) to the surging news reporter feeling. His mother died on november 10,2015, two months after she received biotherapy in the second house of the armed police.


In 1999, Choi Peng graduated from junior high school, his mother was found to have non-Hodgkin lymphoma, doctors told him for a few days, but his mother still accompanied him for more than a decade. What really bothers the mother is the symptoms of cirrhotic ascites after chemoradiotherapy.


The swelling effusion bulged her thin body and couldn't even sleep flat. Every two months, she will go to the hospital to extract the effusion in her abdomen, the needle is so dense that it costs more than 10,000 yuan each time.


During that time, her mother kept looking for medical advice online until the summer of 2015, when she noticed a treatment called \"bioimmunotherapy.\" Also through a web search, she contacted doctor guo yue-sheng of the second hospital of the beijing armed police. In her chat window, she said the \"cure rate was up to 94%\" to her\" popular science \"what biological therapy was.


Mother asked his son's meaning, but Cui Peng also heard it for the first time. He went to search the Internet privately. He saw that``The hospital was a regular army hospital, and the doctor had been on CCTV, should be very reliable? '' Cui Peng didn't expect her mother to be cured completely, but any way to relieve her some pain would be worth a try.


Cui Peng understood his mother's mood: wanted to give him a few more years of children, to reduce the burden of the family. The seemingly amazing \"biotherapy\" ignited her hopes.


In the second Hospital of the Armed Police Force, the first doctor they met was called Li Zhiliang,\" thin and tall, wearing gold silk glasses and military uniform,\" and Li was also the doctor of Wei Zexi at that time. Later, they saw Guo Yuesheng on the second floor, wearing a white coat, inside the army green shirt and dark green tie, and the image of the TV.


Guo gave them a collection of \"cancer biotechnology cases,\" with a cd-rom that says\" multicellular biological therapy \",\" light of technology \",\" hope of healing cancer \", and television stations large and small.


Mother Cui was hospitalized the same day and took blood for cell culture the next day. According to the treatment plan, after a few days, Cui mother will undergo surgery to transfer the cultured cells from the thigh artery to the focal organ, and then play a curative effect.


The night before she died, Mother Choi told her son she was cold and neither drinking hot water nor taking medicine worked. The ambulance sent people straight into the rescue room and never woke up.


The doctor's preliminary analysis of the cause of death of Cui Mu is, multiple organ failure, specific reasons need to do autopsy. Cui Peng refused, saying he didn't want his mother to suffer any more. He also did not tell doctors that his mother had biological treatment, if not for the accident, six months later, they also plan to go to the second hospital of the armed police to review.


Cui Peng immediately bought a ticket to Beijing. At that time, the gate of the second armed police hospital had been blocked, leaving only one person in and out of the passageway, someone guarded. See this situation, Cui Peng is frozen in there, do not know where to go.


On the evening of May 9, an investigation team composed of the State Health and Family Planning Commission and other departments said that the second Armed Police Hospital had problems such as department cooperation, publishing false information and misleading patients with medical advertisements, and transferred medical personnel suspected of violating the law to the judicial authorities for handling.


But Cui Peng still wants a statement, even an apology. Two months later, with his mother's medical records, he again went to the Second Hospital of the Armed Police and registered in a nearby office. A staff member told him that the matter had to wait and call you later.


During that year, he travelled to and from Handan and Beijing several times, and the law firm at the gate of the Haidian District Court consulted, but the reply was generally the same, and the case could not be reached.


One of the lawyers put pen to paper, but hesitated and dropped it. \"Young man, go back to work, your mother is looking for a lot of people, more people than you spend, but this case is a war of attrition, even if won is not cost-effective.


Later Cui Peng in the lawyer's advice down to the mediation department, is still registered, and so on telephone. He also tried to tweet about his experience, but the message never came out.


Throughout 2016, Cui Peng had an extremely difficult time. It was the first year of losing his mother, and since then he has never been to his aunt's house, because her mother and aunt looked so alike that he would shed tears when he saw her.


In the second half of the year, he lost his job as a car 4S store manager. Before he went to beijing for medical treatment, he bought a new house, paid half of the loan, and now the new house is also sold, he and his father, wife and children in 60 square meters of old house, still owe the bank tens of thousands of yuan.


The second hospital of the once bustling Beijing Armed Police Force is now in the cold. The metal words above the gate have been removed, the fence door is closed, leaving only a narrow seam, a courier brother squeezed out of the seam, showing that there are still people living here.


When asked about the hospital, the security guard at the door waved his hand, saying that the original hospital had already been closed, and now it belonged to the army, where family members lived.


In May 2016, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (now the National Health and Health Commission) urgently halted the clinical application of medical institutions in cellular immunotherapy, allowing it to do clinical research only and not to carry out fee-based treatment. In december of the same year, the state food and drug administration (cfda), now the state drug administration, issued the \"guidelines for the study and evaluation of cell products \"(draft for comments), the first clear proposal to include cellular immunotherapy products in drug regulation.


But for DC-CIK, a cellular immunotherapy technique, the investigation group did not characterize it that year. Wang yuedan, a professor in the department of immunology at peking university's department of medicine, said that for patients receiving such treatment, the lack of characterization meant there was no basis for the claim.